About Us

Bee is a team of dedicated software developers and expert fundraising professionals. We started because we felt that smaller not-for-profits did not have enough support. There was more to do and we wanted to do it better.


Fundraising and Administration Software can be a fantastic asset and a great catalyst for change. But often these opportunities come at a cost only open to larger organisations.


Smaller organisations are often expected to simply use spreadsheets or get by as best they can with outdated systems. There is no ‘middle option’.


When we considered there were actually more of the little guys than the bigger guys, we knew we had to set about designing a solution!


But we didn’t want to make a basic, bitesize or cut-back version: we wanted to give smaller not-for-profits everything they needed and more, but make it cost-effective and affordable.


All our products have been in development for years, during which time we have work closely with the charitable organisations themselves and professional fundraisers. We have asked what THEY wanted, what THEY were missing and what THEY could afford. The result is, we believe, like nothing else in the market today.


We hope you enjoy our products too, so we can keep on making them!